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Firefighting Water Supply

Water flow management is one of the most important duties of a firefighter’s job. From ensuring the correct hose fittings are on site to having the correct lengths of fire hose for the scene, it can be a daunting challenge. In addition, high-quality and reliable products are necessary and critical to you, your crew and the citizens around you. Weidner Fire has collaborated with the best manufacturers for water flow for fire control, including firefighting hoses, firefighting nozzles, firefighting foam and firefighting valves to make your job a little easier.

With high-quality brands such as Akron Brass, Key Fire Hose, Task Force Tips, Elkhart Brass, Kocheck, Chemguard, Silvex, C&S Supply and others, we hope to help you increase your team’s safety, comfort and effectiveness.
With warehouses located around the country, we can reduce order fulfillment times. Looking for something not listed on our site? We can also spec out custom firefighting hose colors, lengths and fittings. Please feel free to contact us today to see how we can help you.

  • Hose

    Fire Hose Rolls

    Weidner Fire has a large selection of fire hoses for sale suited to the specific task at hand. Choose from an industrial lay-flat hose for attack maneuvers or a booster hose for smaller fires. If you are looking for single jacket, double jacket, rubber coated or custom lengths, Weidner carries only the best in hoses and hose reels for sale at competitive costs. Our hoses are lightweight to reduce physical strain and can be stored wet without rotting. In addition, these high-pressure hoses resist the damaging effects of exposure to workplace chemicals and sunlight.

    Weidner carries a large selection of adapters, fittings and appliances you need. With brands such as Key Fire Hose, Akron Brass, Task Force Tips, Kocheck and others, we can increase your team’s effectiveness and safety while on site.

  • Tanks

    Fire Department Portable Water Tanks

    We carry a variety of emergency response portable water storage tanks from Crewboss, the most trusted name in portable water tanks for firefighting. Our tanks are available from 1,000-gallon to 3,000-gallon sizes, are ideal for both flat and uneven surfaces and are secured with aircraft-quality aluminum beams.

    These tanks assemble in about three minutes using a simple push-button operation, which easily snaps all parts into place. All products include the necessary support bars and ship in a vinyl storage tote. This tote comes equipped with handles so your tank is easily transported and assembled even under the most demanding conditions. A printed manual with clear instructions is also included.

  • Valves

    Akron Vales for Fire Trucks

    We carry two high-quality fire truck intake valves from Akron, one featuring a swivel elbow inlet and the other with a standard straight inlet. Both fire pump vales offer a patent-pending hand wheel that offers superior control and leverage for easy opening and closing, as well as a built-in open/close position indicator, and can be purchased together with an optional cap and chain and added drain valve.

    Our fire hose valves are NFPA 1901 compliant and operate between 50-250 psi. The compact design will save valuable space on your pump panel while the stainless steel construction will ensure reliable operation for years to come.

    A 10-year heavy-duty warranty against manufacturing defects and corrosion accompanies both of these products.