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  • CURIS Foggers

    CURIS Decontamination Systems

    Keep Your Firefighters Safe, Disinfect Your Ambulances and Fire Stations

    Weidner Fire is the authorized distributor of CURIS systems in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.

    Kills SARS-CoV-2 and C. diff | EPA Approved for Lists N and K (EPA Reg. No. 93324-1)

    The CURIS Decontamination System is the first portable, hydrogen peroxide-based fogging system capable of disinfecting a room or enclosed area via a pulse technology. While most systems rely on dispensing chemical and turning off once the desired time is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, CURIS goes a step further by focusing on a ‘maintained pathogen-kill zone.’ Our Patented Pulse™ process maintains that volume of solution within a space to improve optimal environmental conditions.

    Applications for the CURIS Decontamination Systems:
    • Ambulances, Fire Apparatus, Police Cars, and School Buses
    • Living Quarters, Offices, and Gyms
    • Other City County / Facilities: Courthouses, Libraries, Jails, and City Offices
    For information, pricing, or to schedule a live or Zoom demo:
    Call 801-565-9595 or send email to websales@weidnerfire.com