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Fire Rescue Equipment & Tools

Your family, community and fellow firefighters depend on you. Weidner Fire offers a variety of fire department tools to ensure your safety and efficacy on the job. Get the equipment that lets you stay ahead of the game. Our selection of fire department tools includes breathing air compressors, exhaust removal systems, cutters, spreaders, rams, axes, hammers, shovels, jacks, bolt cutters and more.
Shop firefighter tools for sale online now or contact us for additional information on equipment or pricing.
  • Breathing Air Compressors

    Bauer High-Pressure Air Compressors

    Our selection of compressors was manufactured by Bauer, a trusted name for firefighters, military, industrial and medical personnel for over 60 years. All Bauer SCBA and scuba air tank compressors are independently tested for safety and reliability.

    We currently offer the budget-minded Unicus Mini, a compact unit that combines a breathing air purification system, air storage system and a SCBA fill station for superior all-in-one functionality, and the Unicus III, the total SCBA cascade system.

    Please contact us at (800) 894-3205 for ordering information. Our team of experts is standing by to help answer your questions regarding our breathing and dive tank compressor features.

  • Hand Tools

    Manual Fire Rescue Equipment

    At Weidner Fire, we're in the business of providing only high-quality tools and equipment to firefighters at affordable costs every day. Our selection of firefighter hand tools comes to you from trusted names like Nupla and EZ Spanner. We offer wrenches, shovels, jacks, hooks and more. Our firefighter forcible entry tools include axes, bolt cutters and hammers.

    The new firefighter tools listed for sale here online may not represent our entire available inventory. Please contact us directly at (800) 894-3205 if you do not see the tool you're looking for.

  • Flashlights

    Firefighter Emergency Lights

    As an emergency responder, we know you’re faced with many tough situations where compromise isn’t an option. From large equipment to tools and accessories, Weidner Fire carries only high-quality solutions for firefighters all across the United States. We offer a multitude of lighting solutions for every situation you may find yourself in as an emergency responder, and we choose our brands carefully by testing the products we sell for safety and reliability. Because we know how important timeliness is, we always do our best to keep a stock of popular products on hand.

    Included in our inventory are the country's best-selling emergency lights for firefighters, including right angle lights, scene lights, LED firefighter lights, helmet-mounted lights and headlamps. With brands such as Streamlight, Akron, FoxFury, Petzl and others, Weidner Fire helps to illuminate the task at hand to help you perform better in a more secure environment.

    Get fire rescue lights for sale at affordable prices today, or contact us with your questions. We’re here to help.