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Fire Bunker Gear

Weidner Fire provides dependable safety products to firefighters and other first responders. Our dedication to advanced technology and product durability is matched only by our commitment to our customers. We offer a wide variety of firefighter PPE including turnouts, helmets, gloves, hoods, goggles, MSA SCBA and gas detectors. We know you depend on your firefighter turnout gear daily to perform your job, so our online store is stocked with bunker turnout gear and accessories that are ready to ship right away. Additionally, we can maintain, repair and service your equipment with our factory trained technicians. For more information about these services, please contact us today.

Shop online now for firefighter PPE from trusted manufacturers including MSA, Fire-Dex, Thorogood, Streamlight,and MSA Cairns.
  • Gas Detection

    Personal Gas Monitors for Firefighters

    Our selection of personal Altair gas detectors are capable of reliably measuring a variety of gasses including combustible gasses such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and toxic gasses like chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and phosphine. Portable MSA gas detectors are known for their fast response time, stability, accuracy and long life. The savings of maintaining MSA personal gas monitors over the life of the instrument add up quickly, ensuring you ultimately get the best for less. These portable gas monitors serve a variety of industries, from firefighting to welding, by combining reliable gas detection with various lifesaving features including MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™.

    MSA gas detectors offer superior dust and water protection, impact resistance and RFI performance.

  • Goggles

    Protective Eyewear for Firefighters

    Protect your eyes from common particles such as dust, ash and debris with our selection of firefighter eye protection goggles from the most trusted name in innovative eyewear: Eye Safety Systems.

    ESS safety goggles are tough, performance compliant, easy to clean, easy to adjust and comfortable for the wearer even over prolonged periods. Their design ensures you won’t compromise your peripheral vision at any time. ESS fire goggles are OSHA and NFPA 1971-2013- compliant and exceed the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010. Shop our selection today or contact us for additional information.

  • Hoods

    Firefighter Hoods for Sale

    Weidner Fire offers Fire-Dex hoods at an affordable cost to firefighters around the country. Our firefighting hoods consist of the same materials worn by racecar drivers and offer a double layer of comfortable protection when worn in fires.

    When donning your hood, ensure it fits snuggly around the face and is tucked into your coat to protect the neck, ears and face, the areas most susceptible to steam and thermal burn injuries when fighting fires.

    Inspect your hood for cuts, tears and worn areas after each use as well as prior to and after washing. If structural damage or contact with contaminants has occurred, the hood should be disposed of.

    Clean your hood after every use by washing it with warm water and mild detergent, either by hand or in the machine. If using a washing machine, a double-rinse cycle is recommended to ensure the hood is completely free of detergent remnants. Remove the hood from the washer after the rinse cycle and before spinning. Never wring, squeeze or roll the hood. Dry the Nomex hood flat or in a machine without heat, and keep out of direct sunlight. Never use bleach and never dry clean.

    All flash hoods for firefighters are NFPA 1971 compliant.

  • Gloves

    Firefighter Extrication Gloves

    Our selection of structural firefighting gloves comes from trusted manufacturers such as Fire-Dex and Ergodyne. Maintain maximum dexterity so you can work safely and quickly in environments that won't accept less. With extreme durability, superior protection and reinforced fingertip gripping zones, you'll be able to confidently confront the circumstances you face when fighting demanding fires.

    Our fire resistant gloves have a broken-in feel right away and allow for pinpoint precision and easy removal.
    Weidner Fire offers only the best when it comes to protective equipment. Shop firefighting gloves for sale at affordable costs here, and get the ultimate in hand protection now.
  • Boots

    Structural Boots, Station Boots, and Socks for Firefighters

    Because firefighters spend so much time on their feet, we consider footwear a major component of both firefighter apparel and safety gear. We know that selecting the right boot is essential to preserving the integrity of your feet, ensuring proper protection and maintaining optimal comfort. Long hours on the job, whether at the fire station or on the scene, demand proper footwear. We offer a variety of NFPA compliant footwear designed for all aspects of firefighting. From station boots, to leather and rubber structure boots, to wildland boots, Weidner Fire sells only the best footwear for firefighting professionals. The type of footwear you'll choose will depend largely on your work environment. We carry station boots and oxfords as well as insulated rubber boots that provide complete structural support all around for hazardous situations.

    Our selection of footwear comes to you from trusted manufacturers at affordable costs. Shop for the best structural firefighting boots, wildland boots, and station boots today.