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Firefighter Emergency Lights

As an emergency responder, we know you’re faced with many tough situations where compromise isn’t an option. From large equipment to tools and accessories, Weidner Fire carries only high-quality solutions for firefighters all across the United States. We offer a multitude of lighting solutions for every situation you may find yourself in as an emergency responder, and we choose our brands carefully by testing the products we sell for safety and reliability. Because we know how important timeliness is, we always do our best to keep a stock of popular products on hand.

Included in our inventory are the country's best-selling emergency lights for firefighters, including right angle lights, scene lights, LED firefighter lights, helmet-mounted lights and headlamps. With brands such as Streamlight, Akron, FoxFury, Petzl and others, Weidner Fire helps to illuminate the task at hand to help you perform better in a more secure environment.

Get fire rescue lights for sale at affordable prices today, or contact us with your questions. We’re here to help.

  • Area Lights

    Portable LED Area Lighting

    At Weidner Fire, we provide only the most dependable products for firefighters available today. Our selection of remote area lighting comes to you from trusted manufacturers including FoxFury and Akron, and is designed to meet your most demanding lighting needs. Here, you can also find scene light replacement parts such as chargers, batteries and storage cases.

    Portable field lights are a necessity any time traditional lighting and power sources are unavailable. Our battery-powered selection of emergency vehicle scene lighting features products designed to break down and assemble easily, store compactly and withstand impact and heat. Shop for height-adjustable models, lights with and without diffusers and lights that can be mounted, hung and height-adjusted.

    Look to Weidner for all of your portable emergency scene lighting solutions. If you're looking for an item not listed here online, contact us directly.

  • Helmet Mounted Lights

    Helmet Lights for Firefighters

    FoxFury is the trusted name for portable hands-free lighting solutions, catering to a wide variety of industries including firefighters, police, military, industrial sectors, photography and more. Our selection of firefighter helmet lights provides a diverse set of lamps applicable to a wide range of scenarios. Our wide-angle LED helmet lights are ideal for firefighters because they are waterproof, fire-resistant and provide long-range visibility even in smoke. Our fire helmet-mounted flashlights easily slide out of their clip-on holders for added range of motion in small, confined spaces, or when you need to pass a light along to a team member.