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Firefighter Hoods for Sale

Weidner Fire offers Fire-Dex hoods at an affordable cost to firefighters around the country. Our firefighting hoods consist of the same materials worn by racecar drivers and offer a double layer of comfortable protection when worn in fires.

When donning your hood, ensure it fits snuggly around the face and is tucked into your coat to protect the neck, ears and face, the areas most susceptible to steam and thermal burn injuries when fighting fires.

Inspect your hood for cuts, tears and worn areas after each use as well as prior to and after washing. If structural damage or contact with contaminants has occurred, the hood should be disposed of.

Clean your hood after every use by washing it with warm water and mild detergent, either by hand or in the machine. If using a washing machine, a double-rinse cycle is recommended to ensure the hood is completely free of detergent remnants. Remove the hood from the washer after the rinse cycle and before spinning. Never wring, squeeze or roll the hood. Dry the Nomex hood flat or in a machine without heat, and keep out of direct sunlight. Never use bleach and never dry clean.

All flash hoods for firefighters are NFPA 1971 compliant.

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