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Does Your Firehouse Have a Diesel Exhaust Removal System?

A fire department's most valuable asset is its firefighters. Many studies indicate that breathing vehicle exhaust fumes inside the firehouse can cause or contribute to serious illnesses (emphysema, cancer, heart attack, and stroke) and even death for firefighters who work and, many times, eat and sleep in the facility. (Source: Firefighter Cancer Foundation)

Many fire departments spend thousands of dollars per firefighter for effective personal protective equipment (PPE), but often overlook the extremely harmful effects of vehicle exhaust fumes right in the firehouse.

Weidner Fire specializes in the installation of the MagneGrip exhaust removal system (source-capture style) and the AirHawk filtration system (ceiling-mounted, filtration style) to address a variety of exhaust removal needs. We also offer hose-reel systems for maintenance facilities.

We've installed more than 100 systems in the western U.S. and would be happy to help you protect your department's most valuable asset...your firefighters.

Service and Support

While MagneGrip Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems have a terrific warranty and are very reliable, there are key maintenance steps that can significantly improve the operation and extend the life of your diesel exhaust removal system. That?s why Weidner Fire offers an annual service agreement wherein your fire department can receive annual or semi-annual exhaust system service from one of our certified technicians. Click here to learn more about Weidner Fire's MagneGrip exhaust removal system annual service agreement options.

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Three Reasons to Choose MagneGrip

1. Reliable

2. Easy to Use / Simple to Maintain

3. Low Cost of Ownership

The MagneGrip System operates on a simple mechanical-release principle. Because our systems don't require all of the costly and complex equipment that other systems do (i.e. compressors, pneumatic lines, or electro-magnetic wiring), they are easier to use, require less maintenance, and are more reliable.

Simply put, there's a lot less that can go wrong with a MagneGrip system. This all leads to the system with the lowest cost of ownership on the market; MagneGrip.

Three More Reasons to Select MagneGrip

1. We Install the System. We don't outsource our installation to a contractor or HVAC company

who has no interest in your long-term satisfaction. Weidner Fire directly employs a team of MagneGrip factory certified installers.

2. Ambient Air Intake. MagneGrip's patented nozzle has a one-way check valve that allows air in,

but does not allow exhaust fumes to escape. Ambient air cools the exhaust and eliminates wear on the hose system. Competitive pneumatic systems do not offer this feature.

3. Automatic Release. The MagneGrip patented nozzle is held in place by three Magne-Paks (with rare-earth magnets) strategically located for easy release. When the vehicle exits the bay, tension on a cable inside the hose causes the nozzle to automatically disconnect at the door. There is never any undue tension or pull on the hose. After disconnecting, the hose/nozzle assembly safely retracts to a position away from the door.